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Postgraduate Engineering

Postgraduate Careers in Engineering

Engineering is a varied course of study and lends itself to a wide range of specialist subject areas.


A brief guide to applying for a postgraduate course

The days of checking your UCAS account for offers are well and truly behind you, as applying for a

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MBA Student

MBA Application Guide

What is an MBA? An MBA is a postgraduate qualification in business aimed at those who have


Funding an MBA - The Financial Commitment

The MBA course is a prestigious qualification to have for those wishing to pursue a career in

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Meet our blogger Laura Anne: Part 1: Back to School

Laura Anne is a postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow's School of Education, where

PGCE Funding

PGCE Funding Options

If you're thinking about studying a PGCE, one of the big questions you'll be facing is whether

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Lonely PhD Student

5 Ways to Beat Loneliness While Doing a PhD

Studying on a PhD course is not only an academic challenge, but it can also be rather socially

PhD funding, postgraduate

How to Fund a PhD

If you're planning on studying for a PhD, you'll have worked out that like every other postgraduate

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An excellent course to prepare for teaching in the lifelong learning sector

I really enjoyed the course and my time at Bolton. I wanted to get into a teaching career, but didn't feel that school t... more


European Business, Culture and Languages MA - be warned !

This course does *not do what it says on the tin*. If you are interested in business other than marketing than this is n... more