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8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started My Masters

You're not a fresher anymore, and don't you just know it. Our resident blogger Jack reveals what he wish

Student Stories: My MA Journey

Jade Crompton is a Digital Ceramicist. In January she will come to the end of her MA in Creative

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MBA Application Guide

What is an MBA? An MBA is a postgraduate qualification in business aimed at those who have

Funding an MBA - The Financial Commitment

The MBA course is a prestigious qualification to have for those wishing to pursue a career in

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Why You Should Study Teacher Training

Because teachers are formed - not trained.... Dr Jane Moore, Head of School of Teacher Education at

Meet our blogger Laura Anne: Part 2: Induction and Orientation

Our postgraduate blogger Laura Anne returns to describe her course's 'orientation day'... The school

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On the front line of Criminology at the University of Kent

Based within a well established department spanning several key areas, including social research,

Broadcasting Research: History and Media Archiving

Although the BBC's contribution to the development of radio is well documented, programme output from

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Global Political Economy MA

Global Political Economy at City University - an experience for a lifetime

My year as a MA student in Global Political Economy at City University has been amazing. The year has given me so much b... more


European Business, Culture and Languages MA - be warned !

This course does *not do what it says on the tin*. If you are interested in business other than marketing than this is n... more

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