Postgraduate Article Archive

  • Finance Subject Guide

    Are you a whizz with numbers and savvy with your savings account? Know when to start selling off your old possessions on eBay and when you should be buying up the bargains? Whether you see yourself as...

    28th July 2016
  • Health Studies Subject Guide

    Are you the first-aider in your group of friends - the one who always has plasters and antiseptic cream and nags people to go to the doctor when that cough just won’t go away? Do you dream of saving l...

    26th July 2016
  • Careers options for Postgraduate Creative Arts Students

    Many students with qualifications in the creative arts study with the intention of becoming practitioners in their chosen field. However, competition for such roles is highly competitive and as such, ...

    15th January 2016
  • IT Subject Guide

    Do you find yourself constantly called on by your mates to fix their PC problems? Know your hardware from your software and your Java from your C++? Are you interested in web design, programming or ev...

    08th December 2015
  • Social Work Subject Guide

    Are you a caring, sharing person that’s eager to take your personality into a career where you can really make a difference? Then why not consider a career in social work? Contents: General ...

    25th November 2015
  • A Guide to Postgraduate Law

    Do you find yourself constantly getting into debates – and winning? Are you a regular at protests and demonstrations? Do you have an interest in criminology, human rights, or the environment? If you’r...

    04th November 2015
  • Studying Economics at Postgrad Level

    Why study Economics at postgrad level? Whether furthering your study or embarking on a new area, by studying economics at masters level, you’ll gain the skills to launch a career in economics...

    20th October 2015
  • A Guide to Postgraduate Maths

    Are you good with numbers? Is your head a human calculator that never fails? Are you always the one splitting the bills in restaurants and wondering why everyone else finds it so difficult? If you’re ...

    05th October 2015
  • Postgraduate Careers in Engineering

    Engineering is a varied course of study and lends itself to a wide range of specialist subject areas. Taking a postgraduate course may be an option you are considering, as your career path will very m...

    19th August 2015
  • What’s it Actually Like to Study a Distance Learning LLM?

    We spoke to Deborah Regal, a former student at the University of London, to find out more about what it's like to study an LLM via distance learning... Why did you decided to study an LLM? As ...

    05th February 2015