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This course provides expert critical and technical knowledge related to the development, analysis and production of medicines, the drug industry and regulatory affairs. You will study recent trends in chemical, biological and biotechnological therapeutics and evaluate the latest technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry. You will also gain an understanding of the processes and methods used in clinical trials and the regulation of medicines.

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Full time | Sighthill Campus | 1 year | SEP-16

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Current Topics in Pharmaceutical Science (10 Credits)

This module is composed of two major elements: the regulatory processes involved in development, analysis and production of medicines, and the ethical issues and social impact of pharmaceutical science. You will gain an understanding of the drug industry and regulatory affairs involved in drug development, including the regulation of manufacturing medicines and the undertaking of clinical trials. The second part of the module will introduce ethics and the history of "ethical" regulation. Specific examples of ethical, legal and sociological aspects of pharmaceutical applications will be explored and debated. Studying this module will give you the opportunity to investigate controversial topics and to develop skills in analysis of data, the use of statistics in interpretation of results, and skills in written and oral presentation, discussion and debate. SCQF Credit Value: 20.00. ECTS Credit Value: 10.00.

Independent research project (30 Credits)

In this module you will conduct an independent piece of research, either as a practical laboratory-based project, or a piece of qualitative research (e.g. surveys). This involves design, development and implementation of a programme of research in a particular field of study relevant to your programme of study. You will critically analyse data/information generated, and communicate the outcomes in a written report, which will develop your skills in scientific writing. This will give you experience in summarising information and presentation skills. SCQF Credit Value: 60.00. ECTS Credit Value: 30.00.

Drug Design and Chemotherapy (10 Credits)

The module is focussed on the chemical principles of drug design of new chemotherapeutic agents in relation to the identification and validation of emerging biological molecular targets. The emphasis is on major classes of life-threatening disease: notably, cancer; viral and resistant bacterial infection. You will learn to evaluate existing and new biological targets and contemporary drug design methods (chemical and biological) to combat these disease states. You will develop the skills required to conduct searching laboratory experiments and to produce written scientific reports to research publication standards. You will benefit from industry-based guest-lecturer input, in support of integrated lectures, tutorials, workshops, molecular modelling activities designed to develop your key skills and confidence necessary to work and progress in the field of drug research. SCQF Credit Value: 20.00. ECTS Credit Value: 10.00.

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Honours degree based in the bio-molecular sciences; acceptable subjects: pharmacy; pharmacology; pharmaceutical; or medicinal chemistry; biological; or biomedical sciences; chemistry; immunology; biotechnology; genetics; virology; molecular biology; forensic science.