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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Aberystwyth University

I love it that's why I'm a returning masters student the town is homely and the uni is helpful love the library people are warm and welcoming the staff are so nice. read full review

History PhD


Al - September 2019

Enjoying my experience. read full review
Superb and extremely positive personal development from a shy fresher to society president. Great support to go on exchange and learning outside of degree. Couldn't recommend more highly. read full review
Have been a student at Aber for 7 years, and cannot think of a place I would have rather studied. The facilities and teaching standards are wonderful, and the atmosphere of the town is superb. read full review
Good on the whole, but some minor issues here and there. Mostly communication issues and slow response to accomidation requests. Accomodation has a problem withcommunication, and finding some of the offices can be difficultnas the maps are often too general and knowledge of where they are is not entirely widespread read full review



Poseci - January 2019

Its been great. Resources and guidance have been readily available. Its taught me to be more proactive about more studies. Staff are friendly and willing to help read full review
Very good. It's been up and down. Academically very good. Student welfare and support needs work. Community and location are extremely good. Careers service is very useful. read full review
It has been good and i am glad i chose Aberystwyth. It is quiet but full of like minded people and offers a more reclusive place to study, and offers an excellent scientific programme read full review
So much fun. Very challenging but, so much fun! The best recommendation for future students, although the place is small, it is like a family, by scratching the surface of what this university can offer will show just how inclusive and supportive it is. There is a place for everyone here. read full review
I have not felt quite right being anywhere other than here read full review