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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Aberystwyth University

Fantastic! I risked a lot to start the program and so far I have learned a lot and everyone has been supportive. Although I would have had liked to have access to more up-to-date equipment I still feel I will gain a lot from the program to take into my professional life and beyond. read full review
Overall my university experience has been fantastic. I'm glad I chose Aberystwyth I've made lifelong friends with people from all over the world. I've tried new sports, joined random societies and really thrown myself into the experience. I've conducted empirical research as part of my undergrad and am now taking on a whole new subject that is super interesting. Aberystwyth is one of the best universities in the country and I'd recommend to anyone that they should go there. read full review
Whilst I have loved some of my time here, it has also been some of the worst times. This university does not prioritise mental health. For example my friend was bullied out of his accommodation by the people he lived with and really suffered mentally from it, he went to the university for help, advise and to put in special circumstances, their response was that because he was not in their own accommodation and in private he would have to deal with it on his own and would not be eligible for help, advice, nor special circumstances as it all but destroyed his mental health read full review

PhD Education


Cagdas - February 2020

This is my 5th university around the world. I can say that Aberystwyth University can get 3rd position in my list with its opportunities, feature and facilities. read full review
I love Aberystwyth university and would stay here for longer if Aberystwyth itself wasn't so small. The university is nice, I love most of my lectures and there is a future here. No Primark though. read full review
Very good. Decided to do an MA after a BSc because it was enjoyable. Most academic staff are very good, nice and approachable. More could be done to safeguard student mental health on campus. read full review

PhD Law


Sam - February 2020

I had a brilliant undergraduate experience, so much so that I stayed on at the university to do a PhD.
Staff are exceptional, really go out of their way to help ajd support you.
Theres a real community feel, and it is a really welcoming place to be (despite the hills!) read full review
I've loved my time at Aberystwyth. I've felt supported and had great fun. Mental health services could definitely be better. The teaching is brilliant with some of the best lecturers and guest lecturers in the world. read full review
I came here as an undergrad and it was excellent. As a part-time masters student it is pretty good but the SU social scene has sadly died which has left a void on campus.
The Arts Centre is excellent for shows and comedy. read full review
I love Aber and Aberystwyth Uni.
People like me who love quiet places would love this place while people who love big cities would suffer as there is no much hassle. And the sea waves will always calm you down during your exam stress. read full review