Postgraduate Article Archive

  • What Type of Postgraduate Qualification Should You Study?

    Not sure whether you should study a masters or a PhD? Struggling to choose between a PGCE or a MBA? Take this quiz and find out which type of postgraduate course you should study! Once you've f...

    24th January 2017
  • Why it's Never Too Late to Study a Postgraduate Course

    Constantly contemplating studying a postgraduate degree but think it’s too late? Whether you think your academic days are behind you or you think it’s just too late in the year, we explain why it’s NE...

    17th January 2017
  • How To Be Disciplined When Distance Learning

    Worried about getting distracted during your distance learning? Want to get as much work done as possible without getting tempted by the TV? Here’s how to make sure your distance learning is as discip...

    17th November 2016
  • How to Make the Most of Your Masters Placement

    Most students are attracted to the integrated work placements now offered by many postgraduate courses, as they are a great chance to get professional experience and to get ahead of the pack when find...

    10th November 2016
  • How to Find a Postgraduate Course That Suits You

    Starting a postgraduate course is a big step in your career – it’s where you start to specialise and find your niche, so it’s a decision that you don’t want to rush into. It can also be very daunting,...

    20th October 2016
  • Why You Should Study Speech Therapy

    If you want to make a change in someone's life, then consider continuing your education in speech and language therapy. When you think of life changing professions, the first career that probably c...

    21st September 2016
  • Specialist MBA or General MBA: Which Should You Study?

    To specialise or not, that is the question. With a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), you have the choice whether to study for a general MBA or to go down a more specialised route. The decis...

    06th September 2016
  • What is a Postgraduate Certificate?

    When it comes to choosing something for postgraduate study, it can be a little baffling trying to make your way through the different jargon presented relating to various courses. Something you may...

    22nd August 2016
  • How Diverse is Your University?

    Want to know which universities have students with the same nationality as you? Or which institutions are the most culturally diverse? Hotcourses Abroad have created a fancy new tool just for you… ...

    13th July 2016
  • What I Wish I’d Known About…Preparing for Exams

    Our resident blogger Kieron explains the 5 things he wishes he’d known about taking exams as a postgraduate student. By the time I’d started my postgrad it had been close to decade since I’d last t...

    06th June 2016