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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Postgrad Location

Choosing where to study your postgraduate course is entirely different from your undergrad. You're a little older, you know what university life is like and most importantly you know what you like doing in your spare time and what you what to get out of the next stage of your education.

These changes will also affect where you want to study your postgraduate degree. When it comes to choosing a location, here are some factors you should keep in mind.

Social Life

A postgraduate course can be quite intense but there’s always room for a bit of down time to socialise with friends.

Cater your choice around what the uni’s location is known for and think about what you want your social life to be like. Do you like pubs or clubs? Sports or art? Do you want to go to a city where you can visit a different museum every single day, or somewhere where you can go for walks in the country on a Sunday?

Your Budget for Living Costs

We don’t need to tell you that university is expensive, so work out exactly what you can afford to live off and compare it to the living costs of that location.

For example, if your budget is £400 per month for rent, then it's unlikely you could afford to live in London, but you could get a great room in a house share in Cardiff for £300 per month.

A New Place or Somewhere Familiar?

Depending on who you are, going to a new location can be distracting. Things like wanting to explore, making lots of new friends and the general excitement of a new adventure could take away from your studies. Staying in a location you know well, with people you already know could mean you’re settled from the start and can concentrate on your course.

Or perhaps a new adventure is exactly what you want from starting a postgraduate course. If you want a change of career and a fresh start, then moving to a new location is ideal.

And if you really want to go somewhere different, studying your postgraduate qualification abroad could also be an option, with lots of UK universities having links abroad. 

Who Does Your Course Best

One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is finding a university that teaches your chosen subject really well.

Over and above which location you want to be at, the right course is the most important thing. Choose the universities that do the course you want and then choose the location based around that.

Job Prospects

A postgraduate degree can help kick-start your career and a lot of courses, particularly vocational ones, can help with networking and finding connections in companies for when your course ends. Ask about this when you go to university open days.

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