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Adrian C Halnan - Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Certainly our experience has been that the part time people who study here have good career progression once they've left. So, they're studying part time. They keep the job going. Once they've qualified here they often seem to get promotions and so forth within their own profession.

The other thing we've noticed is that with many of our international students they visit here, they conduct their studies with us, and certainly we have instances where they return to their home country and they take up roles in the ministry of education or similar types of roles to that. So,they get quite strong opportunties to develop policy and influence more than just the classroom, but, nevertheless, that also happens which is another positive.

Then the final example I would say is that a number of our postgraduate students, in terms of the top programs, actually stay on and continue through to do a postgraduate research degree with us. So, I think that's another career progression really in that they almost become a professional researcher as well.

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