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Martin Broad - Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Obviously, one of the main things about coming to a university, studying for a masters program, investing all that money into education, is you want to get a job at the end of the pathway, by the end of your masters programs.

We have hundreds of students coming to set on to match our school, each year, to study masters programs, and they go across the globe in terms of their career. Some go into the profession in which they have studied.

If you are maybe looking at the MSc in accounting and finance, you expect students to pathway their career, perhaps going on towards training to be an accountant, once they've finished their studies here.

The programs don't have to be dedicated to the degree of pathways. I know friends and colleagues of my own which have made study their chemistry masters degree and moved into painting. So you might do it in a special management program, and then go off into a much more specialized arena, in terms of your career.

You might think about doing something in banking, but then, the skills which you learn, in that, would be a fairly broad brush, but specialized in finance and banking. You may take off into a different pathway.

The pathway root, you have got to think about. I'm going to come Southampton national school to study a particular masters program, because my career destination is pinpointed.

You have the ability in the skills that you've studied here, to have the flexibility to change in your career. If you decide that something, which you studied is part of the option modules on your particular masters programs that might have interested you more than the core of the major of your masters.

Career pathways are very open to where students may want to go. It could be that you've dedicated you pathway from a very early stage, or you may just be open minded about where you want to go, and you just want to have a good education experience to begin with. Then, you can think about future pathways after that.

We also have career fairs. We have companies who come to the university. That's at undergraduate and at postgraduate levels. Postgraduate students are able to link into perspective employers within the UK and Europe when we have the career conventions come down.

Also we have links with the main professional organizations within the UK, who are, obviously, actively involved with Southampton National school and are looking to take the cream of our students for particular job opportunities that might be available.

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