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Postgraduate Student Myths

There are lots of tall tales surrounding postgrad training.Horror stories of long, sleepless nights fuelled by coffee and cramming abound, and many people think that entering into a postgrad course will inevitably lead to financial ruin.

But lots of the myths you might hear are just that. Myths. Read on to find out the truth of becoming a postgrad...

You Won’t Have a Social Life

There is a lingering legend that postgrad courses are all work, work, work, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although lectures and studying will take up a big part of your schedule, there’s plenty of space for downtime too.

You are still – when it comes to the crunch – a student after all, so don’t worry, there will be lots of opportunities to let your hair down.

It’s Much More Difficult than an Undergraduate Course

Although the level of learning does crank up a notch you’ll be fully capable of taking it on. After three years or more as undergraduate you’ve got the skills and experience to deal with a higher education course.

The thing to remember is that you, out of possibly hundreds of other applicants, are one of a small group that have made it on to your course. The lecturers that interviewed you clearly believe you have what it takes to thrive on the course so you too should have confidence in your ability.

It Will Bankrupt You

Another myth about Postgraduate courses is that they will leave you penniless. But it's not true.

Yes, postgrad courses are expensive. There’s no hiding the fact that after course fees, living expenses and travel costs are factored in you’re looking at a bill stretching into the thousands. So understandably, many people worry this massive expense just isn’t wor

However, there are lots of funding options for students to help pay for their studies. The main funding option is the Postgraduate Master's Loan from the UK Government. If your course start's after 1 August 2019, you can get up to £10,906 to cover course fees and living costs. 

It works pretty much like the Student Loan you took out when you did your undergraduate course - you only start paying it back once you are earning over a certain amount per week/month. That threshold currently stands at £364 per week or £1,577 per month.

There are also hundreds of bursaries and scholarships awarded to students every year. It just takes a little research to find one for you...

You’ll Be Under More Pressure

It’s true some postgrad courses can be quite hard work, but that’s what makes them so well respected. But, in terms of workload, depending on what you studied as an undergrad, you might not actually notice much of a difference.

If your undergrad course was leaning more towards the academic side and you decide to study a more vocational postgrad course you might actually find the pressure eases. It also depends on the length of the course. Remember, postgrad courses can range from a matter of months to years.

It’s Very Competitive

In many ways the competition really takes place before you’re offered a place on your course and afterwards, when you enter the world of work. During your postgrad studies you’ll probably find completely the opposite.

Some of your contemporaries might arrive with a competitive attitude, you may of course be going for the same jobs after you graduate, but this will soon dissipate as the course continues. In the end, the solidarity you felt amongst your fellow students as an undergrad is no different at this level.

It’s Not Worth It

Wrong. It really is. Not only does studying at postgrad level give you the opportunity to explore in depth an area of study that really interests you, it also stands you in very good stead for the future.

Sometimes it’s just best to ignore the tabloids; employers really do value postgrad qualifications. As a postgrad you stand out from the crowd, showing real commitment, drive and enthusiasm.

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