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The Cost of a PGDip

Thinking about how you might go about funding your Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) but not sure what you will need to consider? A PGDip is a qualification that is similar to a Master’s degree, but commonly lasts for nine months as opposed to a year of full time study or two if studied part time. Subsequently, a PGDip only requires students to complete 120 credits as opposed to the 180 required for a MA or MSc qualifications. As a result, PGDip courses will often cost less than most MA courses, though the options for funding a PGDip are also quite different. Read on to take a closer look at how much a PGDip can cost and what funding choices may be available to you. 

How much a Postgraduate Diploma can cost

The fees for an average PGDip course will cost between £5,000 and £7000; however, as with undergraduate degree programmes, this can vary depending upon what and where you study. Vocational courses with higher levels of contact time, or programmes run by prestigious academic establishments are likely to include higher costs.

If you’re struggling to cover the cost of postgraduate study, it is common for students to receive funding through sponsorship and graduate schemes from their employer to study for a PGDip.

Other costs to consider

When considering the costs of your PGDip course, it is also important to bear in mind your living costs. Will you be able to stay at home while you study, or will you have rent to pay? How much will your text books and materials cost? Courses in subjects such as literature, humanities and travel tourism tend to expect students to cover the costs of materials that may be essential to the completion of the course.

Similarly, some PGDip programmes will expect you to travel as part of your course, or to complete unpaid placements in order to give you hands on experience within a working or industry environment. While most placements will pay you expenses (such as travel and lunch) you will not be able to earn money to subsidise your study while you are interning. This is something that you should take into account.

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