Postgraduate Article Archive

  • What Type of Postgraduate Qualification Should You Study?

    Not sure whether you should study a masters or a PhD? Struggling to choose between a PGCE or a MBA? Take this quiz and find out which type of postgraduate course you should study! Once you've f...

    24th January 2017
  • Why it's Never Too Late to Study a Postgraduate Course

    Constantly contemplating studying a postgraduate degree but think it’s too late? Whether you think your academic days are behind you or you think it’s just too late in the year, we explain why it’s NE...

    17th January 2017
  • Graduates Aren’t to Blame for UK Business Fails

    Many UK companies are currently unable to fill their graduate vacancies, and recently graduates were blamed for this. Leanne Rice gives us her opinion on this issue and explains why graduates aren’t t...

    06th January 2017
  • Autumn Statement 2016: What It Means For Postgraduates

    The Autumn statement has been announced, and everyone’s talking about it. But what does it mean for potential postgraduates? National Living Wage Increasing image via giphy Many...

    23rd November 2016
  • What Do Students Want From a Postgraduate Course?

    Why do you want to study a postgraduate course? What's the most popular type of course and how do you want to learn? We asked our users these very questions to find out what students wanted in a po...

    12th September 2016
  • How Diverse is Your University?

    Want to know which universities have students with the same nationality as you? Or which institutions are the most culturally diverse? Hotcourses Abroad have created a fancy new tool just for you… ...

    13th July 2016
  • 10 Reasons to Study in the Welsh Capital

    The founder of the NHS hailed from Wales, all the best rugby players are Welsh and even swashbuckling hero Harrison Ford was rumoured to be moving to Cardiff. Just what is its secret? Joanna Gravett i...

    06th July 2016
  • Mental Health Support at University

    Taking a postgraduate degree is no small feat, and if you have a mental health condition, a year can seem like a mountain. According to WHO, one in four people are affected with a mental or neurologic...

    05th July 2016
  • What Could Happen to Universities Now We’re Leaving the EU?

    The results are in, and the nation have spoken, and they’re saying they want to leave the EU. So what does this mean for universities? We take a look at what could happen… Leaving the EU is likely ...

    27th June 2016
  • Fancy teaching in China?

    Studying a TESOL and Education degree? Want to do something with it when you graduate? Want all your hard work to pay off whilst also making a difference? Then we’ve found an ideal internship for you....

    06th June 2016