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10 of the greatest apps for students in London

There’s no denying London is a great place to be a student, despite the eye watering prices, unpredictable weather and chaotic transport. Use these clever applications to navigate the capital, find the best deals and relieve yourself of boredom on that bus journey, all on a student budget.


1. Tube map

It might seem pretty basic, but there is nothing handier than a tube map in your pocket, (no matter how well you think you know the Jubilee line).This app not only shows you the tube map, but also the rail and tram services too, so you can find the most direct route and get to that house party ‘somewhere in south London’.


2. Tube exits

An app for the lazy, tourist hating, or those just in a rush; enter your destination and find out which exits to take, and which carriages to hop on in order to save as much time as possible and get out into the daylight.



3. Bus London

The London bus network can confuse even the most seasoned Londoners. Avoid the claustrophobia, tourists and go where the tube doesn’t. Bus London will show the nearest buses to you on the map, a live countdown of their imminent arrival and most importantly where hey are going. 


4. Barclays Bikes

Find your nearest Barclays bike or docking station and plan your route with his nifty app. It even tells you what the weather will be like so you can avoid the drowned rat look that Londoners so often sport.



5. City Mapper

The King of journey planning and a damn sight more logical than any TFL suggestions; City Mapper will show you all potential routes for your journey, telling you not only how long they will take but also how much it will cost you. 


6. Timeout

Run out of ideas? Want to know if that new ‘pop up’ burger restaurant (probably about the 100th one) is as edgy as it’s cracked up to be? Want to know which clubs to avoid at all costs? Time out has long been the number one entertainment and listings magazine for London and now you can have it in your pocket.




7. Yplan

You want to go out, make the most of being in the capital city - but don’t have the budget or ideas to facilitate this; don’t stay in!  Check out Yplan and find tickets to comedy, theatre, live music and much more, for as little as £5 (even on a Saturday night).


8. Toiluxe

One for those at the height of sophistication. Don’t just nip into Wetherspoons or Costa (sorry guys) to use the toilet hoping you won’t have to make a purchase; use Toiluxe (yep, you heard it) to find the best free luxury toilets in central London, mapped out for your convenience. 



9. BBC Iplayer

Available for both radio and TV, download programmes at home on to your phone or tablet and that hideous bus journey will fly by. You can also download podcasts on the go and listen to live radio stations without a wifi connection. 


10. Uber

You’ve probably heard good and bad things about this company; but when you want a ride home and you can’t face the night bus, uber is a good place to start. You pay through the app, so don’t need any cash – just choose your car, your journey and accept the quote and a car will pick you up swiftly. 


Top Image: Christine Matthews 

Bike Image: Flickr


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