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11 Benefits of Being Flatmates with Postgrads

Fed up with stolen milk, tired of midnight music and looking for some like-minded conversation? Then living with undergrads may not be for you.

Luckily, help is at hand, because postgraduate house hunts take place each summer so you can meet students on the same wavelength - and avoid staying in the library all night!

So, just what are the perks of living with other postgraduate students?


1. You Don’t Feel Like an Alien

Living with freshers or even second/third years may make you feel out of place, as they head out to the SU and you can’t think of anywhere worse. Nothing makes you believe you belong in a retirement home until you leave for 9am lectures on your induction week, while your flatmates are just rolling home from their post-party breakfast. Bagel, anyone?


2. Instant Friendships

Specific courses will often have house hunting sessions, giving you a chance to make friends with your group peers before the term starts. As with any university course, friendships can form quickly, so best get in there quick! Plus, the company will make you feel immediately settled in what could be a new and slightly daunting environment.


3. You’ve Learnt Your Lesson

Let’s face it, the memory of halls can make you shudder.  Stolen food, mess and daily rows all spring to mind, (and you never did find out who put Spud the bear down the toilet…)

Thankfully, three years on, and everyone on the postgrad course is older, wiser and more mature. No-one wants to relive halls, so your new postgrad house should be a place of calm that even Buddha would envy.


4. Study Buddies

Your roomies may also be your course mates, so if you get stuck on a challenging module there will always be someone there to help, getting you through the next three hours of Harvard referencing.

What’s more, they’ll appreciate the importance of the degree and are less likely to moan at you for blowing off their Cranium-and-wine evening to revise (again!).


5. Peace and Quiet

If you choose to live in student halls, you choose to live there at your own peril. 

Although some accommodation offers designated rooms for postgraduate students, chances are they’re more expensive and you’ll probably be the unlucky one who lives next to Mr Nocturnal, a fan of Metallica at 3am.

Then there are the fire drills, the ten minutes to actually leave the heavy-security grounds and drunken freshers that, yes, you can still hear even from the 11th floor.


6. Weekend Warrior

While the undergraduates may have tired themselves out from their Monday-Thursday drinking, you are fired up for the weekend and so are your flatmates!

Friday nights will probably become the party night and you’ll still be on the ball for Saturday. There’s nothing worse than having the outfit and no-one to go clubbing with, so leave weekday drinking to the beginners and enjoy the official grown-up entertainment scene.


7. Dating is Easier

Partying with undergrads can quite honestly make you feel distressed. Most undergrads need to get the freshers’ week madness out of their system, whereas partying with postgrads means you will probably meet someone on the same wavelength.


8. New Perspectives

Your new coursemates may take other modules, so it is a great opportunity to meet their friends and share ideas about your studies.

Even if you do take the same course, your peers will probably have studied different undergraduate degrees, making for a good convo over cocktails.


9. Money Matters

During your undergrad days, you may have had a terrible habit of binge shopping whenever the new loan came in. 

However, you and your postgrad friends will be wiser when it comes to paying bills and probably won’t have a huge loan to burn – or a flatmate who needs bailing out every month...


10. You’ve Got More Clout

You just won’t stand for being pushed around by dodgy landlords anymore and will be more confident in standing up for yourselves. After undergrad experiences of mice behind the fridge, leaky radiators or every students’ worst nightmare: mould (ew!), whatever the problem may be, you know to pester the landlord until they fix it.


11. Friends for Life

While all this may seem pretty self-indulgent, the great thing about meeting like-minded people is the friendships that form. Living with postgrads isn’t just living with postgrads – they’ll stick with you through the tough times and probably become friends for life.


Next Step: Find Your Flatmates


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