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How Postgraduate Studies helped Byron McCaughey

We put some quick questions to Byron McCaughey, co-founder of Track, an app for homeowners to track their personal expenditure, to find out how his postgraduate degree has helped him...

What Postgraduate course did you study? 

Full-time MBA 2016/17 at Imperial College Business School

Why did you decide to do postgraduate study?

After a decade of working in advertising for the likes of eBay and Formula 1, I realised that the best chance of achieving my goal of founding a startup was via an MBA. Not only would it expose me to new ideas and like-minded people, but help with the hardest part for me - quitting my job.

What made you pick your course? What did you want to achieve from it and your career after?

Imperial College Business School is the best programme for aspiring entrepreneurs as it gives you access to a wider college famous for innovation across STEM, and the full-time MBA programme provides time and bandwidth to tinker with different ideas, which I did plenty of!

What was the best thing about your course?

The curriculum is full of entrepreneurial units, such as Design Thinking, but it’s the extracurricular opportunities such as mentoring startups from the wider College through initiatives like MBA Connect that I enjoyed most.  

What have you done since your graduation with your Master's?

Since graduating I’ve co-founded Track - the property and money manager designed for homeowners. I started the business with a classmate, Henry Oakes. We’ve had an exciting journey - from getting backed by Europe’s leading PropTech VC, PiLabs, to launching our app on iOS and Android. We believe there is a massive opportunity to become the leading finance manager for homeowners and it’s been an exciting (and challenging!) journey so far. 

Do you believe your Master's has helped your career in the way you hoped it did?

My main goal was to start my own business and I’ve done that, so it really has delivered on what I hoped for. 

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