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Signs you should do a postgraduate course

Thinking about applying for a postgraduate course but not 100% sure whether it’s right for you? If some or all of the below scenarios sound familiar, then a postgrad course is the right way to go.


You want to know everything about your favourite topic

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Knowing the basics about a subject isn’t enough for you; you want to know as much information as is physically available. You’ll not only read everything on essential readings lists, you’ll check out recommended reading lists before asking your tutors for further recommendations, before doing your own research into even more reading. You can never know enough you little clever clogs.

If this sounds like you, a postgrad is ideal as you’ll be focusing on your subject in a more in-depth way from the start. So your need to know everything will certainly come in handy!


The library is your Netflix

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When everyone else is talking about how amazing Breaking Bad is for the umpteenth time, you just want to tell them about the amazing section of the library you just found or the best essay you’ve ever read. Trust us, this is a good thing and a sure sign you could handle a postgrad.

Although make sure you don’t binge-read books one after the other and turn down nights out to find out what happens in the next chapter...


You feel lost if you aren’t learning

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Feeling lost without a book in your hand or an essay to write? Feel empty whenever you haven’t got a deadline to hit or hours to spend in the library?

Whether you’re an undergraduate who hasn’t quite had enough studying, or you’ve missed the hours of studying and want to take it back into your life, a postgrad is right for you.


You dream about being in lectures... a lot

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Many people will dream about winning the lottery, marrying their favourite celebrity or something equally unlikely to happen in real life...hence the need to dream about it in the first place.

But if all your dreams are just filled with you in lecture halls, or sat in your room writing an essay with a huge smile on your face, your subconscious may be trying to tell you something..


You never missed a deadline as an undergraduate

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Postgraduate courses require commitment, patience and the ability to hit deadlines which are likely to be sooner and for harder work than before.

So if you can always hit deadlines on time without doing constant all nighters, and if you can multi task several essays at once with your eyes closed, then you’ll be more than capable of handling a postgrad workload.


You want to progress in your career but don’t know how

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Having a postgrad qualification can open the doors to your career as not only will you be highly qualified, but it’ll show employers how passionate you are about their industry, and that you have the ability to work hard, things which every company would want in an employee.



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