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Alex Stevens - Contact Time & Staff

Last Updated:

31st May 2013

They would have six hours a week of lectures and seminars, and that varies across different programs. For example in social work MA, they would have more time than that, and more time on the placement.

In addition to the standard hours, there's a wide range of opportunities for contact with other students, and with academic staff. For example, there's a weekly research seminar to which all postgraduate students are invited, and a range of opportunities for advanced seminars, where students themselves present their works to their peers and to academics, and get feedback that helps them develop their work.

The staff that work at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, come from a diverse range of backgrounds in terms of academic discipline, but also in terms of whether they've been working in the non-governmental field, or with government agencies before, as well as having purely academic careers.

Because the school has a reputation for high quality research, we attract some really bright scholars, and we attract some great students. I just love the interaction between staff and students here, the way we get to share our ideas with each other, the way we get to develop those ideas, come up with new ways of thinking about some of the social problems that we face.

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