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Alison Honour - Department Overview

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

We have a range of graduate courses, that includes the MA in Interdisciplinary Arts. We also have an MA in Film Studies, Popular Film, and also Music. It's very much a community. I think the postgraduate students here benefit from the 24-hour openings of the studios. We are well-known for the technical facilities that we have in print making, letter press, digital imaging, book making, three-dimensional crafts, in terms of sculpture; making cross metals, plaster casting, latex, vinyl mold. There's a whole range of three-dimensional processes that students may or may not want to use.

We have a very diverse group, a diverse community, of postgraduate students that are international, and we're really pleased with that. We really like the fact that our students from the UK get to study alongside many different cultures here.

We're renowned for particular areas of research strength. We have world-class leading and research in popular music, sonic arts, and social sculpture.

Arts are usually quite entrepreneurial. I think that often art students don't see themselves as business people but, in fact, they make fantastic creative business people.

I think, first of all, in terms of a suitable applicant is somebody that's really serious about their area of application. Are they really committed to it? Do they have an intellectual engagement with it? I suppose a passion and real interest is highly important.

Oxford is a fantastic place to study, and we have some of the most amazing museums in the world. It's a fantastic opportunity for our students to have their work in a museum such as ours, which is probably the most outstanding typographic museum in the world. Every month there's something happening in Oxford, in the School of Arts, at Oxford Brooks University, which is really exciting. It's a great program of events.

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