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Dan Anderberg - Postgraduate Department Overview

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

In the coming year we will be offering five master's programs. The first one we'll be offering is the Master's in Economics, which is a program that mixes traditional and modern elements. In addition to providing core skills in micro and macro econometrics it does provide the students with key topical areas, such as behavioral economics and policy evaluation methods. So, this is a program that is designed to not only give traditional economics but also cutting edge methods.

Second, we will be offering an MSc in Policy Economics. This is a version of the MSc in economics that is specifically catered for students with an interest in policy questions, be that in the areas of welfare, health, education, development, globalization, et cetera. So, it gives them more of a flavor of policy evaluation and policy analysis.

The third program that we'll be offering is a new program that we're putting together jointly with the mathematics department. It's an MSc in Economics and Statistics. This will be a particular quantitative track designed for students with a quantitative background or who are particularly interested in quantitative economics.

The fourth program that we'll be offering is a relatively new MSc in Finance. This is a program that provides students with core skills in corporate finance, investment portfolio analysis, and so on. Compared to other MSc Finance programs in the country I would say that our program is slightly more quantitative providing the students with key skills in quantitative methods and empirical finance which, we believe, will give them a clear edge when they come out into the competitive labor market.

The final program that we'll be offering is a new MSc in Computational Finance. This is a program that we're offering jointly together with the Department of Computer Science. It will feature key and new topics, such as machine learning, that are very much sought after in the labor market.

We offer a PhD program similar to the master's program. This is a relatively small program. We only take on about six or seven students per year. That ensures that all the students get very close contact with the departments and staff. So, we do observe a lot of collaborations between students and staff ranging across all different sorts of areas. There's a lot of excitement about this program in the department. Every year we host a PhD conference in the spring, which puts the specific spotlight on the students and their progress and allows them to meet with other students and academics from other departments.

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