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Derrick Chong - Employability

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

I think in terms of thinking about career opportunities that flow from reading management as a postgraduate student at Royal Holloway I think one of the key things that one is introduced to is the ability to I guess absorb and digest and use large amounts of data. In many respects one may have further examinations or qualifications over the course of a career. So some of the skills and competencies that one learns at Royal Holloway will be useful. For example, if you're going to qualify for a CFA, for an accountancy or for other professional exams, the skills at Royal Holloway will be very useful.

Some graduates depending on the stage of their career development may look at general management careers. Others may look at a specialist area of marketing or HRM . Some will look at closely-held firms. Others particularly maybe in the entrepreneurship route will look at starting their own business. I think what Royal Holloway offers in its management programs is developing one's skills, competencies, confidence over a 50-week period of full-time study so that one has a competitive chance at securing very challenging jobs.

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