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Derrick Chong - Interdisciplinary MA Programmes

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We have a number of programs that are in collaboration with other departments at Royal Holloway. For example, management and sociology collaborate, offer a new MA program in Consumption Culture and Marketing. I guess those who are familiar with "Fast Food Nation" or "Supersize Me" would have an idea of the areas of exploration for this program.

Management and computer science collaborate to offer an MSC in Business Information Systems, which looks at information systems from a business perspective rather than from a technical computer science perspective.

Finally, as a collaboration within Royal Holloway, we have management and geography for an MSC that deals with management and sustainability, and it's really dealing with a pressing issue of how economic growth can be sustained in terms of climate change.

We also have a collaboration with another university, Kingston, for an MSC program in Leadership and Management in Health. This sort of reflects that public sector management is a core interest of management at Royal Holloway.

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