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Derrick Chong - Postgraduate Department Overview

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Royal Holloway is a major provider of management education for the University of London. As a research led school of management with academic staff representing 20-odd nations, we offer a portfolio of general management and specialist management subjects.

In terms of the general management programs we have, we have an MBA in international management and an MSC in international management. Both are accredited by the Association of MBAs, or AMBA. The MBA is a flagship program. It's really suited for individuals who are at a turning point in their career, where self-reflection is possibly required. The MBA can offer them a stepping stone to the next stage in their career. The MSC international management is a pretty experienced program with applicants having less than two years of full time work experience. This is really to offer them an opportunity to gain a post-graduate qualification in management to complement their first degree.

We also have a range of specialist programs in management, and these are based around the research expertise and teaching excellence of our faculty. For example, we have an MA marketing that's an innovative approach to looking at the consumer. It builds on the consumer culture theory aspect of marketing. We also have an entrepreneurship MSC. Entrepreneurship is a growing area in management. We look at start-ups and we also look at the role that entrepreneurship has for closely held businesses. The entrepreneurship group is embedded within the interest of strategy and international business in the School of Management.

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