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Fiona Jordan - Department Overview

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

So to start with the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, we run an MSc Accounting and Financial Management both as a full program and a fast track version for people who are already qualified and need to get further qualifications. We also run postgraduate modules in the area of economics, and we have an MSc finance program. Across our accounting, economics, and finance the postgraduate programs are informed by very active staff research in that area. We have a well qualified set of people delivering them.

We also have facilities such as our Reuters Trading Room which is great because it allows the students to get some real world links and expertise, so they can see trading as it actually happens. I think that's a really valuable resource. Certainly we get very good feedback from it.

In terms of the Department of Business and Management we have a number of subject groupings which include strategy and operations, organization studies, human resource management, marketing events, and tourism. We run a broad spectrum of business and management programs. We have our MSc International Management and our MSc Business Management, and they tend to be very much targeting students who don't necessarily have degrees in that area but actually want a career in business and management.

We also run an MA in Human Resource Management which is accredited by the CIPD for whom we're a centre of excellence which is great. We run it in full time and part time modes. Most recently we've got a new innovative program, an MSc International Human Resource Management, which also carries CIPD accreditation which is a fantastic development for us.

We run programs in MSc Marketing and MSc Marketing Communications. Again, these are programs for people with an interest in marketing who don't necessarily have to have studied it at first degree level.

We also run a Master's in International Tourism Management and in Events Management. They're two of our newer programs, but they're attracting a lot of interest from both in the U.K. and overseas. Those programs are very much designed for people who don't have first degrees but actually might want to develop an interest or a long standing volunteering in something like events, and have a new career in a very exciting and dynamic sector.

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