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Fiona Jordan - Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

So yes, across all of our post-graduate programs in business and law, we are very much focused on employability. We want students here to have a stimulating time academically, but also to develop skills and knowledge that will help them to pursue their chosen career. And that might be because people are changing careers. It might be a new career. It might be getting an accreditation. For instance, we have an MBA program which carries AMBA accreditation. We have a MA Human Resource Management Program which carry CIPD. Our Accounting and Financial Management and our Finance Programs are also exempted from ACCA at a variety of levels and SEMA.

So we work very closely with professional bodies to try and ensure that our programs are directly linked to industry and are an appropriate level for graduating post-graduate students. In terms of employability, we also put in a lot of work in terms of skills development. So we try to ensure that our students have a lot of access to careers. We do promotional events. We also encourage students to network, both face to face and through virtual platforms.

We have a distinguished executive address series. And I think that's particularly valuable because industry leaders that students wouldn't normally necessarily get to meet, come in, they volunteer generally, to talk to a group of probably no more than a hundred to two hundred. Those people are a mixture of local industry and organization representatives, senior figures from industry and professional associations, and all of our post-graduate students are not just invited, but encouraged to go. Actually both the MBA and the MSC International Management in particular very much value the opportunity.

Students get to hear from gurus they would never normally meet. But also they get the opportunity to network with people from industry. I think that's very valuable in terms of developing their confidence.

We also try through our assessment strategies to link as much as possible to the real world. As a faculty, we have a number of partnerships with local organizations. Those can be commercial organizations, international organizations, charity sector, events and festivals organizations. We very much encourage students to undertake real world projects. Such as our MBA has an executive consultancy module. Our Events Management Program encourages students to take work-based learning. We try very much to use those links to ensure that students are getting experience from the real world that very directly shapes their curriculum and their experience.

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