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John Bennett - Department Overview

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

We are the Department of Drama, Dance and Performance Studies. So what that means is that we consider aspects of performance from those three perspectives, really. We offer courses in dance. We offer a combined honors course in Drama and Theater Studies that you can combine with other options such as English or Psychology or something like that.

We do single honors Drama for those students that just want to do Drama. And we do a Creative Performing Arts course which consciously pulls together the performing arts Dance, Drama and Music in a kind of holistic approach to analysis and exploration of performance, really.

Our facilities in the department are good. We have three spaces. 100 seats. Sort of end-on theater space. We have two black box spaces which are the more traditional studio spaces. All three of those have lighting and sound systems installed.

We also have access to the Capstone Theater which is a 300 seat professional venue on campus and there are performances going on there this week for second year single honors Drama students.

We also have an outdoor performance area in the gardens. And occasionally we use the Great Hall that we have here.

I think they echo the skills and knowledge, the strengths are there in departments through the practical and theoretical works. So everyone in the department has a PhD. But also we have creative practitioners in the department. We have arts council funded practitioners.

So when we teach students practical and theory we do that from a strong base in theory and practice through the PhDs and the creative work.

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