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Jonathan Powell & Efi Spentzou - Postgraduate Department Overview

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Simon: I'll start with the two MRes programs which are new, and those correspond to our two research centers in the department. We have a research center for oratory and rhetoric which runs the MRes in rhetoric. Then we have a research center in reception which runs the Master's by Research in reception which is just coming on stream this September, I believe. Is that right? Yes. Okay. Then we have three much more longstanding programs which are organized on an intercollegiate basis in collaboration with the classics departments at UCL and King's. And, Efie is the program director for the M.A., so perhaps you'd like to say a word about them.

Efie: Simon has kind of given the overview. We kind of would like to claim that our programs are world leaders in the category, the M.A. in classics, the M.A. in history, and the M.A. in classical art and archaeology. The three intercollegiate M.A.'s, are run together with our partner colleges in London, King's College and UCL, which means that our students have access to internationally acclaimed research, maybe the biggest research cluster in the world amongst the three colleges. There's about, I would say, 60 staff between us running and giving our own expertise.

Also, students have access apart from our own home grown library and archives, access to the University of London central library. There is also the Institute of Classical Studies. Also, the British Museum which is used for our courses, and of course British Library is around the corner.

There is a sense in which our students belong to two communities. There's the smaller community of our college and the bigger community of the University of London, and on the whole of it this works quite well. Because they both get the intimate atmosphere but also the exposure to something much larger. The last thing that probably one can say is all our M.A. programs, five of them now, they can either stand alone, they can take them and then go off to do other things, or they can act as preparation for extra study, PhD. study.

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