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Kathleen Armour - Facilities & Strengths

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

The school is housed in a sixty million-pound state of the art facility. It's a large building which contains about forty laboratories, covering almost every area that you could imagine in the sports and exercise sciences. Say, you know, we have a heat chain bell, we have DEXA scanning, we have almost everything that's required for you to study sports and exercise sciences.

For a lot of activities, we can be pretty self-contained, and we have a social area right in the middle of the school, where all the students can meet. So, our facilities are fantastic, it's one of the great strengths of the program here.

Some people think sport and exercise sciences is just about being in sports, well we certainly do do some work in elite sports, our work recently with the Jamaican athletics team would certainly be testament to that, just before the Olympics, and they did very well too.

In addition, we are equally interested in the great value that could be had from appropriate physical activity, whether it's to rehabilitate from an accident, or from injury, from illness, or just to make you more independent as an older mover, or to support healthy aging.

So the range that we cover is probably our great strength tied into, importantly, the strength of our science. Whether it social science or physical science, we have real strength in all those areas and I think that's probably quite unusual.

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