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Margaret Harris - Public Health MSc

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

Another specialist program is the MSC Public Heath, and this is designed for people who are working in the public health arena. So, it covers things like public health promotion, epidemiology, and again, statistics research design. We have lot of expertise in public heath and toxic books, particularly in prevention. So we have lots of research going on into how you can stop people eating too much, drinking too much, taking drugs, and we have a big project running at the moment, looking at how people recover from heroine abuse.

So having the MSC Public Health, over half the students are from overseas and we have quite a large amount of students from Africa. And they come over to study at Oxford Brooks to find out about the latest ideas in healthy promotion, epidemiology, how to carry out statistical analysis and research, and then go back to their home countries so they can put those ideas into practice.

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