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Martin Caiger-Smith - Course Overview

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

The Curating the Art Museum program aims to provide a bridge for students with experience and expertise in art history who wish to think about going on to work in the museum and gallery sector. Students embarking on this program undertake a range of different classes, seminars on the history and theory of museums, on approaches to conservation, on approaches to the contemporary art museum itself.

They work on a number of group exercises, working in museums and galleries beyond the institute on virtual displays. Each individual student embarks on an internship within a museum or a gallery somewhere in London. They work, and this is crucial and this is the culmination of the program, on a public exhibition project, working the collections of the gallery itself and other collections, an exhibition which happens in the Courthald Gallery itself.

What the program aims to do is develop a student's existing art historical knowledge and apply it to the various professions within museums and galleries. In a way it's trying to bring together art history and the practicalities of curating. The strengths of the program, I think, lie first in breadth. It takes students with a broad range of interests right across history and across media.

Also, I would say its size, its small size. We take only a maximum of 12 students a year, which allows us to be very flexible, very responsive to opportunities in museums and galleries and to bringing in experts of relevance at any one time. And yet, we work very closely within the whole institute, which allows us to draw on the interests and expertise of a wide range of colleagues.

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