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Marty St James - Resources and Lecture Programmes

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

Our animation department here is world class. It's one of the best in the world. It's been known to be in the top six in the world. I think we should really say that, as such. This is an important area.

The art therapy area is, as I've said, the gold standard. It's been here for 40 years. The remarkable thing about it is it's one of the very few that sits within the school of creative arts, fundamentally, under the umbrella of postgraduate courses. So that's quite unique, in terms of the country.

Our music areas, in terms of post-grad are very much current technology, current thinking, and such. Which is a real strength for the postgrad area.

Also, we have a lecture program that all MA students and MSc students can attend as such, where we bring in practitioners from outside, from the industry, from business, artists, practitioners, et cetera. That happens on a weekly basis. So that's a real strength, in terms of keeping students in contact with what's happening outside in the real world, currently.

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