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Media & Communications - Overview

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

I am the Program Director for Media and Communications, and that covers three schools; Regents College Undergraduate, Regents College Graduate and the London School for Film, Media and Performance. The post-graduate courses are much more theoretical and much more for students who have done a first degree or want to explore further media communications theory.

The London School of Film, Media and Performance, the degrees are much more about vocation, about getting students into the right career that they want in terms of media, without forgetting that we should get students on the degree a kind of intellectual underpinning so that they have those media skills, they have those career skills that get you working in the media, the technical skills as well, but also have a kind of intellectual and academic confidence.

We're never too prescriptive about the path that a student takes within the Liberal Arts Degrees, which they all are. So they can kind of adapt a degree so they suit their own learning. So you might have a student who is interested in media communications but also they can take International Relations. In fact, students across the different schools work with different disciplines so that they are able to kind of explore the areas they wouldn't explore if they just stayed within their own groups, with their own classmates or own students.

So yeah, I think it's that ability to be flexible to work with students and staff from other areas, whether it be in relations or business, and to develop and mold the degree the best you can.

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