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Nathan Hughes - Strengths

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

From my perspective, our key strengths are academic discipline or it's implied nature. So the focus is on real world social issues and trying to find solutions for those social issues. It's about bringing to bear a whole range of different academic perspectives in order to make sense of those issues. So, it could be about applying economic theories, it could be about applying sociological theories, it could be about applying political science perspectives, bringing those to bear on current social issues, about how we can evaluate how we should respond to those.

The real strength of the make up of our school is the different pathways that people have taken to study social policy. So, we have within our school an economist, we have sociologists, we have people who have studied geography, we have experts in history, and so each of those academics brings a particular perspective to the study of social policy, and those will be drawn into your program of study. We also have a number of members of staff who have recently moved from professional worlds into academia. So we have social workers, we have LHS managers, we have people from criminal justice agencies, who have moved into an academic career, and therefore bring with them very recent experience of policy, very recent experience of practice, which again adds strength to our program.

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