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Paul Fretwell - Postgraduate Department Overview

Last Updated:

17th December 2013

I'll speak little bit now about the School of Music of Fine Art. I'm the curriculum leader for music here, so I'll talk a little bit about what we offer with music. With our post-graduate degrees, we have an MA music composition, MA music technology, and we're developing a new MA sound and image which is quite exciting. That's going to be a collaboration in conjunction with Fine Arts and some of the film makers on the team there. Those are the areas we cover.

We very much focus on the use of technology and the creative use of technology so we have a lot of facilities related to that. We've got some wonderful studios. We're sitting in our Foundry recording studio at the moment. We've got some of the facilities in a converted fire station on the dockyard which is quite an exciting sight. We've got our Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre, which is massed, which is a multi-loud speaker, orchestra really, of loud speakers that we can set up for doing multichannel work, surround sound, concerts, and performances of student work.

The skills and abilities we encourage students to develop are very much about developing your own creative language with regular close supervision with members of staff. You work on your own projects, whether that's an instrumental composition, an electronic composition, whether you're developing a piece of audio software or an interactive system, or working with video films as well as audio and sound. We give you the sort of advanced technical skills that you need to be able to do interesting creative things and concerts, events, happenings. Whatever students like to do, we like to support them in their aims.

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