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Paul Moss - Facilities & Strengths

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

We've got superb facilities, really, again reflecting that desire to go from bench to bedside. Our laboratory support is very strong. We have two or three labs across campus, which are really state of the art. We have tremendous technology and equipment. We have this super clinical trials units, which is housed in a very new refurbishment. Finally we have our hospital, the university hospital, which has opened a couple of years ago. It's really state of the art with a thousand beds. To have that on one campus, pretty unparalleled across the country, and so it's a superb environment to train.

One of the great privileges that we are leading cancer studies department is we know what we're trying to do which is fighting cancer, so we have that unifying theme. I think that helps people to pull together as a team. That is the central core of what we're trying to do. To see people responding to that is super, actually, and it makes me very proud. So I think team ship, team working, and community spirit is very strong. We're very low on big egos. People work together. Very collaborative. I think that's what learning is at its best.

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