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Peter Hatton - Research Groups

Last Updated:

17th December 2013

A student who comes on to one of our programmes will be part of the practice of research centre that we have here. But, within the School of Music and Fine Art, and certainly in the broader faculty of the Humanities, there are a number research centres that our staff actually contribute to.

We've got the aesthetics research group. There's a research group into the science of cognition kinesthetics and performance, which I know a number of the members of our staff work in.

There's a research centre into film and the moving image, as well as kind of the specifics of the programme. There are other centres that you can get involved with, join their seminars, sit in to their guest lectures, et cetera.

It kind of an expanding range of possibilities and inputs as well. In a way, all that is added to what you'd be getting as a kind of a taught programme.

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