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Simon Coles - Contact Time

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Semester one is a leveler and that's predominantly based in the lecturing. It is four primary courses that students will do in semester one not entirely lecturing base but predominantly. This is a practical led course so the practical element comes in as we go into semester two which has small group projects and begins to introduce some of the practical elements in the course. That's where they spend a lot of time in the teaching laboratory. Then the summer is a research based project where you're in a working research laboratory for the whole 12 weeks. The contact hours are with lectures initially and then still maintained with lectures as you go through to semester two, but also more with the people who run these facilities and other sort of tutors as well. Postgraduate and postdoctoral workers in the department are all involved in the teaching effort. We start semester one with about 50 percent of your working week is contact time with lecturers and the rest with small tutorial groups with research students and postdoctoral workers. That practical element means you're interacting with the daily workings of the department right from the beginning of semester two.

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