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Simon Grist - Mental Health

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

Okay, so we're a Faculty of Health Sciences. The Faculty delivers education across a number of different healthcare areas, so we train nurses in three different fields.

We train adult nurses, mental health nurses, and child branch nurses as well. We also offer a range of physiotherapy and occupational therapy courses. We deliver the psychological wellbeing practitioner program, which is the IAPT organization, and we offer a range of continuing professional development courses for health care professionals. I think what's setting it aside is particularly the standard route, which is where students will develop their own learning. So they undertake a number of modules where they think about what they want to learn, how they're going to achieve that. They also set their assessment criteria at the end.

So it really is kind of very much individually and flexibly based for anybody that wants to engage on it. What we're hoping with that, is that we're attracting a range of people from either managerial positions in health sciences, or a health environment, or people with clinical backgrounds, who want to progress along certain routes.

For the mental health one, what we're most interested in is getting mental health across a number of different areas; so, trying to broaden it out to things like primary care practitioners, other people who have regular contact with mental health patients, but not necessarily as a trained mental health professional. Alternatively, it could be from people who just have a wide interest in mental health, and want to learn a little bit more about how mental health fits into contemporary society.

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