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Tony Simons - Overview

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

We offer several postgraduate taught master's degrees for students who've already done a bachelor degree in computer science. We have two master's degrees called advanced computer science and advanced software engineering. For students who've done some other scientific or numerical discipline, we have a master's degree called software systems and internet technology which converts you to computer science in one semester and then takes you to an advanced level in internet-enabled technology in semester two.

We also offer a number of shared master's degrees with other departments in the university. In collaboration with the information school, we offer a degree in information systems and in collaboration with the department of electronic and electrical engineering we offer a degree in data communications engineering.

We often expect to get students who maybe have been good working on their own but haven't yet managed to work successfully in larger teams on the project work. We aim to increase your depth of study in your technical skills like programming and maybe in a mathematical area. We aim to introduce you and strengthen your capabilities working within project teams often delivering quite complex software systems to tight deadlines.

I look for someone who is curious and enthusiastic, someone who is an independent worker who doesn't just want to turn up to the timetable classes. But someone who will go away and read the extra material. Someone who if you give them a problem with maybe incomplete data or a problem where there are some conflicting requirements or something like this will be able to resolve those problems and thereby demonstrate a true mastery of the subject. We're looking for students with a can-do attitude.

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