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Jerry Forrester - Postgraduate Overview

Last Updated:

09th July 2013

We have a very wide range of postgraduate programs in the Business School. In fact, we offer 12 postgraduate taught course including an MBA and Masters in a variety of disciplines. Such as project management, HR, international business, global business, finance and investment management, accounting and finance and marketing. So a very wide range of taught programs.

But we also offer a range of research programs, research degrees. PhD, DBA, which is a Doctor of Business Administration, a DMan, which is a Doctor of Management and also an MA by research.

We've recently acquired the National Centre for Project Management in the Business School and we're very pleased about that. That will give us great recognition, both in the UK and abroad, and the value that that Centre will bring to our future students.

And we have a very strong team of academics teaching on the postgraduate programs at professorial level, readership level and doctoral level.

In terms of the skills, we have a strong emphasis of skills at Hertfordshire Business School. And we concentrate heavy on post and transferal skills. These are sort of skills that our postgraduates will need in a global market in the future.

As the Dean of the Business School, one of the most important features of our school is that we're very friendly. Friendly and supportive. We've been teaching postgraduates for a very long time. We have a great deal of experience of our postgraduate students and their aspirations and so on. And I pride our school on being a very friendly school.

We also a school with a very strong international focus. We think it's very important to be an international business school. And if you travel along the street you will see flags from countries, about 70 or 80 countries, where students will be studying from. And we really think that's an important feature of the Business School here at Hertfordshire.

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