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MBA Careers - Improving Your Job Prospects

Even after getting your MBA, starting your career in the world of business and finance can be a struggle. It’s a highly competitive sector with many people applying for the same positions. However, not only will having an MBA on your CV certainly make you stand out, but it will also help you in providing opportunities to meet people in the sector who could become valuable contacts when trying to land a job. You’ll be able to meet important contacts throughout your time as a student, and it’s a good idea to stay in touch with them in case you spot a position in the company they are employed at. While you're studying, always keep making connections in mind – we've got a few suggestions for making contacts below...

Fellow MBA students

During your MBA – and after you’ve graduated – you should always aim to stay in touch with your peers that you worked with on your course. While you may all have been studying at the same level during the course, your friends and colleagues will go on to pursue different roles within a number of industries after graduation.

It is beneficial to have contacts in a number of companies, as you may then hear of staff vacancies that are not advertised externally – and if you can get a recommendation from someone working within the company, your CV will look even more appealing to potential employers.

Similarly, some people on an MBA course study with the intention of developing their entrepeunerial skills and establishing their own company. You never know, but these people could someday be your future bosses or business partners!

Careers Fairs

Across the world there are a number of career fairs specifically aimed at those with a business background or MBA qualification. Hundreds of national and international companies will take part in such events, making it an excellent opportunity to build contacts and network.

One of the disadvantages of careers fairs is that so many students attend, and each one of them will have the same intentions as you, so it is important that you stand out. As well as having a strong CV, you should be confident approaching potential employers with a concrete idea as to what you want, and what you can offer them in return.

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Guest Lecturers

Many prestigious programmes will invite industry professionals to give lectures to MBA students in order to offer them a more hands-on view of the business sector. This is an amazing opportunity to not only learn from those with experience in business, but also to gain careers advice from someone who may have an inside knowledge of the recruitment process.

If you remain in touch, they may even send you information on vacancies within their organisation that are suitable to your skill-set.

Careers Services

If you’re looking to pursue a specific career path, or even if you’re struggling to figure out what you want to do with your MBA, you should take advantage of the graduate careers service. Careers officers will be able to give you a wide range of advice including where to look for jobs and how to brush up on your CV writing skills, as well as helping you contact companies for potential employment opportunities.

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