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Ana De Medeiros - PhD Student Case Studies

Last Updated:

31st May 2013

Our students not only have a PhD. from the University of Kent, which is recognized around the world, but they also hold a doctorate from a Parisian University. And for students who are, perhaps thinking of returning to France or going to France to work, that's obviously a great added bonus. It means that the students, because they're being supervised here and by a supervisor in France, they make double the number of contacts and have double the number of opportunities for research, for publications, going to conferences, etc., which really enhances their chances of being employed. For example, one of our most recent graduate students, who finished her PhD., she came here as an M.A. student, returned to France to do what the French call an agrégation, did very well at it, came back, did a PhD., and is now a lecturer at Leeds University in the French Department.

Another PhD. student, who graduated a year ago, he finished his PhD. also in [Cote de Telle], so he got a doctorate from Paris. He had an AHRC scholarship. During the time that he was studying here, he applied for an extra scholarship to go also to Japan. So he not only spent a year in Paris, but he also spent six months in Japan. As soon as he finished his PhD., he got a job at the University of London, and then, whilst at the University of London, he actually got another scholarship, and he's now spending a whole year in Japan, doing research and absolutely loving it as far as I know. And he is working with one of our lecturers, organizing a conference in Japan for this year.

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