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Andrew Sanders - Employability & Applicants

Last Updated:

29th July 2013

Students go into a wide range of jobs and careers, graduating from University of Birmingham. To some extent, many go to the legal profession. They become solicitors or barristers, but many go into legally related professions, perhaps in the criminal justice system, perhaps in government, perhaps in international organizations. Some going into accountancy, banking, and so forth.

Having a postgraduate degree from here is a very, very good basis for going into all sorts of professions, like teaching for example. We look for two main things in applicants. The first thing is ability. You have to be of above-average ability to do a master's degree. It's one step on from an undergraduate degree, and obviously to do a postgraduate research degree, you have to be very, very on top of your subject.

The second thing we look for is imagination. Again, you have to really want to study law and to study the particular area of law you are specializing in, whether you are doing a taught master's degree or a research degree. For the very best students, we offer scholarships, both at top level and research level, and if you do want to come here to do a postgraduate research degree, we offer some scholarships which involve some teaching as well, which does provide a very good experience, especially for people who want to go on and have academic careers in the future.

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