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Aylish Wood - Employability and Applicants

A number of students follow up their interest in film and may take advanced postgraduate study in special effects and photography, for instance. Other students go into teaching and civil service work. We have a large number of our students also go into further postgraduate study within the U.K., so will enter into PhD programmes either at international institutions, other institutions within the U.K., or here.

After receiving the PhD from Kent a large number of our students have taken up academic posts both within the U.K. and internationally. So, for instance, within the last few years we've had students taking up positions at the University of East Anglia, the University of Bristol within the U.K., also University of Waikato in New Zealand, and also post doctoral positions in Canada.

We look for students whose fascination with film drives their intellectual curiosity. We're also looking for students who are highly motivated and can be self directed in their studies which is really what you want with a postgraduate student. And we're also looking for students who would like to make a contribution to the research culture within the department, particularly at PhD level.

Many of our PhD students are involved in the running of the research centres, so they help in running research seminars and they also work together to produce an annual symposium. So, anybody who comes with a great enthusiasm for studying cinema and a great enthusiasm for film culture would be very welcome to come to the University of Kent.

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