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Daniel Rowan - Employability

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15th July 2013

The MSc Audiology is one part of clinical training that people need to go through in order to be qualified audiologists and this provides the academic component. There are various opportunities after the MSc to get the clinical training and it depends where the student is coming from and wanting to go to. It is quite common for overseas students, for instance, to return back to their countries and have local clinical training there.

In some instances we can help UK and EU students find clinical placements here in the UK. Over the next 12 to 18 months we are going to see some interesting developments with the availability of clinical placements. That is good news for students.

Students also do the MSc Audiology in order to go into careers in hearing science, in audio engineering and audio technology. So not for everybody is it necessary to get a clinical placement afterwards and the degree is there to try and provide people with the clinical underpinning or that hearing science underpinning to a variety of options when they finish.

Most UK students, when they finish the MSc go on to some form of clinical training within the NHS and that may be something that they have arranged previously before coming on to the MSc, or something that we have helped them to arrange. Other students go on to PhD's sometimes or they may go into research related careers.

There is also going to be the option for those students who start in 2013 and afterwards to move into the private order, which you work, once they have had the right amount of clinical training offered as well. So that is an interesting development. They could work in NHS or privately.

Overseas students, by and large tend to return back to their home countries for further clinical development or study.

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