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Deborah Youdell - Employability & Applicants

Last Updated:

29th May 2013

Many of our students are practicing educators who come to do further professional development. So, they go back into either a school or a college or a community education environment and their further degree facilitates their career advancement. But lots of our students aren't teachers or educators. We have students who pursue research and evaluation careers, policy development.

People work in the voluntary and third sector in relation to community development, community arts, museum education. We have students who go on to do research degrees with us and then often they continue either into very senior positions within education or through interacademic careers.

In our applicants, we look for people who have a drive to understand education in its social contexts and we're looking for people who have an interest, not just in the UK education system, but in education systems internationally. All of our learning is situated in a global context of education. We have people from a range of backgrounds, so we look for people with a good first degree, but it doesn't need to be an education degree. They don't need to be education professionals. The more diverse the group of students in our classrooms, the more interesting the expiration. So, people can come from a whole range of education backgrounds.

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