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Fragkiskos Filippaios - Employability and Applicants

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Our graduates are employed by a variety of different organizations. It usually depends on what kind of degree they have. For example, graduates from our MSc financial markets, and MSc financial services in banking get employed by organizations who are in the financial sector like HSBC, like Lloyds of London, or like Barclay's.

Students who graduate from our masters in management, the MSc business analytics, management science, HLN they tend to get employed by large manufacturing organizations who might have, also, global organizations, like Apple, like IBM, like Comings and Delphi.

Then of course, when it comes to our MBA, the graduates actually have a very wide selection of organizations ranging from the public sector. We have a very close relationship with Kent County Council, which offers internships to our students and then some of them are actually going to go join Kent County Council as employees.

Some more organizations or even start-ups, so some of our students not actually get employed from organizations out there, but when they graduate they go out there and start their own business, and we have a number of successful examples.

What we would look for is a good business degree, usually a two-one, in terms of the UK classification. We would love to have two good reference letters and we look at each and every reference letter in detail, because I think they portray the applicants in a very different way than just the numbers they have on a transcript. You look for personal statements that actually depict the motivation of the person.

We need to get to know why people want to study with us, why people want to study for the postgraduate studies, because that motivation would indicate commitment of further studies.

Then, for those international applicants, we would look for the IELTS score or the equivalent of the IELTS score of 6.5 or seven, depending on the program.

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