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Heather Widdows & David Cheetham - Jobs and Careers

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11th June 2013

Heather Widdows: The jobs that philosophy students tend to find after graduation are varied. Lots go into traditional argumentative jobs, like law, because we train you to think and argue. Also, the standard teaching routes, but also because our PhD and Master's programs have multidisciplinary intakes, we also have people going back into the professions from which they came. For instance, people who do bioethics master's with us go back into health care professions, or people who do global ethics go on to work in NGOs and in policy work. It's very varied, the kind of professions that our students go into.

David Cheetham: We get a range of different kinds of ages of students. We get students who come in who have just come in from obtaining a Bachelor's degree and we can get students who are at the end of their lives or seeking to do things in retirement or they're just interested in the topic. People might come to do it for employment reasons or they might just come because they're interested in looking at a topic in the religious study of religions or theology just for one extra year or a couple of extra years of doing some research.

Many of our students go on to become teachers, and they may follow a particular vocation, a religious vocation. Some do that. Some do it just purely for interest. Some, really, will pursue any career, because the humanities are a broad enough kind of topic and you find all the various disciplines and methodologies within theological and religious studies disciplines. We get very surprised by just the diversity of what students end up doing.

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