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Jonathan Phillips & Anna Whitelock - Jobs and Careers

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Jonathan: MA students leave our department with a great range of skills to a very high standard. A group of them go forward to do further research. They're prepared for their PhD's. Many of them, on the other hand, go into the wider world. Some are going into careers in law, teaching, accountancy, management level courses, publishing, journalism. We've got a few, for example, who are also going to work for members of Parliament as historical researchers. So, it's a breadth of things that you get.

Anna: We also now have a number of students as a result of the MA Pubic History, trained to go in to the heritage sector so, have jobs in museums, as curators, have gone into television production companies. Because not only do they have the analysis skills of a MA graduate, but also, skills at interpretation, web design, all of those key skills now in digital media which, actually, almost every employer looks for. So, both traditional academic preparation but also vocational training is the kind of, sort of, spectrum now that the history department offers.

Jonathan: I think that also, besides that, another main reason for doing them is, you enjoy it, and that's a real part of our job, is to make people enjoy themselves, encourage them to learn, and have an exciting, intellectually stimulating experience.

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