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Margaret Harris - Psychology and Employability

First Published:

29th May 2013


For the students that are graduating from the MSE in Psychology quite a number of them, in fact, go on to do further study. For example a number have very successfully gone on to complete PhD's. In fact we have some people who are now employed as lecturers in psychology. We also have people go on to work in mental health. Sometimes we have a few do training as clinical psychologist, because one of the things about psychology is the MSE in Psychology is just a first step to specialization. So that's why a number of our students do go on to train as a particular kind of psychologist.

In addition to the MSE cycle we've also got an MRES in developmental psychology. And that, as its name suggests, is a specialist masters program for people who are interested in understanding about research for children. That really builds on our expertise in developmental psychology and people who have studied that, again, have often gone on to do PhDs or to work in education.

Well, in the MSE Psychology we're really training our students to think like a psychologist. So we're training them to analyze problems, think how they could design an experimental study to investigate a particular psychological problem. For example, finding out why some children are dyslexic. We train them in how to do statistical analysis, how to design experiments, how to use computer programs to run the experiment, and very importantly, how to write up the results of what they found. And I think, I'd like to think, that at the end of the program, that's really what the students are best at doing.

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