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Mark Bailey - Employability

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

Northumbria has an enviable record globally in design education and the excellence of our education and the success of our graduates. Graduates of Northumbria are in the leading positions in the board rooms of pretty much every major design label brand around the world and all of the significant design consultants in businesses as well. So we have a wonderful network of alumni. That's one of the distinctive characteristics of the organisation here.

We've also been doing it longer than anyone else in the UK so design education here is very well-rehearsed and understood. But I think it's the currency of what we teach that is of greatest value to students because we work very closely with industry partners, a very large proportion of the work the students do is directly with global brands, working with the employees of those brands, the senior leaders in design in those organisations.

So our relationships with those companies and the way that we expose students to working with them really sets them up as employees who know how to work professionally in design.

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