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Martin Caiger-Smith - Employability

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

The jobs that students will go on to do, I think, are similarly broad in range. I mean, curating is a very broad field and the curatorial may mean working with collections, it may mean working with exhibitions. It can also mean working in educational programs and departments, or even in development and marketing and in managerial positions. And it can also entail working within large national institutions, national museums, in public galleries and independent galleries both large and small. Equally, it can also mean the commercial sector, commercial galleries and auction houses. And some students, of course, continue in academia, go on to do research toward PhD's.

We look for intelligence, openness, an ability to learn. We look for a degree of knowledge in art history or in some related fields. We also look for proven experience and interest in the museum gallery sector, often through undertaking of volunteer positions and internships in museums and galleries prior to coming here. We also look for good verbal and writing skills. I mean, curating is a business in which you need to communicate with others very importantly.

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